[PD-LV] Video Playback Secret

Max Neupert max.neupert at uni-weimar.de
Sun Dec 16 23:25:40 EET 2012

On which platform are you (OS)? 

Roberts Rozkalns <operaatoors at gmail.com> schrieb:

>Hello, everyone!
>I have a huge problem understanding how to playback simple movie with
>Boxes seems are all right, everything connected, even tried to playback
>video through samples in Help > Browser with both pix_movie and
>pix_film, but movie didn't play back as expected - laggy (except with
>message box "auto $1"). Problem seems to be when metro is banging, and
>CPU is used up to 290% by PD (checked on Activity Monitor).
>Finnaly, i realised that problem must have about my video. I used
>Premiere Pro CS6 to export video with Quicktime format in 1080p, 29.97
>fps, and H.264 codec. 15 seconds long video size is 22mb, which is
>pretty small. But PD, seems not to be able to crunch such a video.
>Maybe someone could suggest other options, how to export video for PD
>using Premiere.
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