[PD-LV] Video playback related problems and questions

Max Neupert max.neupert at uni-weimar.de
Thu Nov 1 23:18:43 EET 2012

Hi Roberts,

i fixed a few things, but not the logic. I can see you are thinking in a programmers way, but patching is a bit different.
Jānis wasn't on the list so i added him. he should now how it works.

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Am 01.11.2012 um 16:36 schrieb Roberts Rozkalns <operaatoors at gmail.com>:

> Hello, list!
> As I had to go to other side of Latvia today to seminar, I couldn't manage to get to school to ask questions there face to face. So, I will be first, who will use this mailing list for real help :)
> I've included link to ZIP file, where is my patch, video and FaceOSC app. 
> All questions and stuff is inside of patch file.
> Thanks a lot!
> Have a nice exhibition! 
> /Rob
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