[PD-LV] Exhibition documentation and patches

Max Neupert max.neupert at uni-weimar.de
Sun Nov 4 13:35:32 EET 2012

Hello everybody!

I'm sorry I didn't see most of you again on Friday night and didn't really say goodbye. There isn't even a group picture or anything like that. I guess you were pretty tired after that week. And Fontaine Palace was too loud.

I had to take the Kinect with me, so sorry also to Annija, Anna and Daina who are stuck now in their Documentation. I suggest the MPlab should get one!

Albert has a few pictures on facebook

If you have more It would be nice if you could share them. I didn't bring my Camera this time, so I have just some crappy smartphone pictures. Also please send your patches to me, or even beter to this mailinglist.

Keep using this mailinglist to exchange, I'll keep an eye on it.



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