[Renewable] Call for Participants: APPLETHINK creative camp, Sep 13-15, 2012

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Please see below an other Call for participants for an other 
'Renewable' event in Latvia - AppleThink creative camp, which will 
take place from September 13-15, 2012
Deadline for proposals - August 20, 2012

Welcome to Latvia - 'apple country'! :)

Call for Participants!

Creative Camp in Aizpute, September 13-15, 2012

The AppleThink event takes place in Aizpute, Latvia, focused on 
creative trans-disciplinary approaches to apples and their diverse 
use after harvest. Artists, who once were exploring the boundaries of 
the digital realm, are today investigating survival tactics and 
resilience experiences that have been used in different times and by 
different cultures. In the quest for a sustainable future these 
emergent art practices are adapting, mixing and combining methods and 
techniques grounded in historical and traditional cultures, with 
emerging technologies, scientific research, and contemporary 
practices in today's urban and rural communities.

Apples are one of the most harvest-rich, yet under-exploited 
resources available in Latvia and other post-kolkhoz (collective 
Soviet farms) countries. AppleThink event aims to re-approach our 
'habitual' apples from a variety of different perspectives. The event 
will bring together an international trans-disciplinary group of 
participants, who will be sharing their knowledge and experience by 
approaching apples as a 'real' resource of food and energy, as well 
as as a cultural metaphor for fecundity and wealth.

AppleThink will start with a Helsinki event, where documentation will 
be made at Malminkartano's public orchard event on 8th September, 
including the gathering of apples to bring to Latvia. During the 
following week from 13-15th September, the main AppleThink event, a 
creative camp in Aizpute will explore the phenomena of apples. We 
will start with the process of traditional fermenting, brewing, 
juicing, and preserving, ending up with experimental investigations: 
Can an apple be a transmitter of energy? How can one build a 
'bacteria-battery' from apples-waste? How can apple-electricity 
signals be interpreted through sonification and visualization? The 
AppleThink event will also include presentations and discussions by 
artists, curators, science researchers, and community activists who 
will be discussing different survival strategies ranging from the 
concepts of 'downshifting' and 'withdrawal', to the  approach of 
'resilience' and a 'techno-ecologies' perspective. The camp will end 
with a local outdoor market together with local farmers, where the 
artefacts created during the creative camp will be put out for 
symbolic sale-exhibition.

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CALL for participation:

We are inviting applications for AppleThink creative camp 
participants who are interested in trans-disciplinary collaborations. 
We also welcome proposals for AppleThink workshops and presentations.

Please send your proposals or letter of intent to participate to 
rixc at rixc.lv, and/or rasa at rixc.lv (Rasa Smite).

DEADLINE: August 20, 2012

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The AppleThink event takes place in the framework of the European 
partnership project 'Survival Kit'. The outcomes of the AppleThink 
creative camp will be presented publicly during the Art+Communication 
Festival conference titled 'Art of Resilience' that takes place in 
Riga, October 4-6, 2012.

AppleThink is a collaboration between The Center for New Media 
Culture RIXC, Latvian Contemporary Arts Center and Serde from Latvia, 
as well as Pixelache Helsinki from Finland.

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