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as i think it might be of someone's interest,
i am forwarding an announcement about an event in Amsterdam:
PhDO. Nr.5: To sustain or not to sustain

In this session Clare Brass (RCA), Špela Petrič (Sint Lukas School of  
Art and Design) and Piem Wirtz (V2) will reflect upon their research  
and transdisciplinary practices related to notions of sustainability.

PhDO is an initiative of Waag Society and Arne Hendriks.

(Arne Hendriks was also a participant of last year's art+communication  
festival and Techno-Ecologies conference in Riga)


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23rd, Waag Society

(apologies for cross-poting - please circulate)

Dear friends,

You are kindly invited to join PhDO 5. In this session Clare Brass  
(Sustain, RCA), Špela Petrič (Sint Lukas School of Art and Design) and  
Piem Wirtz (V2_) will reflect on their research.

Date: 23 March
Doors open: 15:30
Time: 16:00 - 18:00, drinks afterwards
Location: De Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4

RSVP: http://linkd.in/xb7pCP


PhDO #5   To sustain or not to sustain

The first PhDO of 2012 will have presentations of three women in  
transdisciplinary research practice all related to notions of  
sustainability. Not only will they present their distinct approaches  
of research also the necessity thereof will be addressed.

Špela Petrič (SLO) holds a PhD in Biomedicine (Biochemistry and  
Molecular Biology), is researcher at the Institute of Biochemistry and  
teaching assistant at the faculty of Medicine at the University of  
Ljubljana. She has collaborated with a substantial number of art  
projects since 2000, among which those of the international Hacteria  
Group. As an artist she focuses on the cross-section of biological  
sciences, performance and art and collaborates with the Kapelica  
Gallery in Ljubljana. Her recent work includes CTCAG - recognition  
(lecture-performance, 2011), Cladocera (installation, 2010),  
Autobiography-Discography (performance, 2008), I am as if I'm not  
(theatre performance, 2007), LabSUs (video-essay, 2007). Currently she  
is studying at the Transmedia at Sint Lukas School of Art and Design  
in Brussels.

Clare Brass (GB) For many years Clare Brass was a prominent product  
designer, who, early in her career, began to explore ways of using  
design to help people adopt a more pro-environmental behaviour. Leader  
of Sustainability at the Design Council until 2007, she is recognised  
as an outspoken champion of design and sustainability and is currently  
exploring new ways for designers to use their professional abilities  
while addressing social and environmental challenges. She took up a  
part-time role at Design London to bring social enterprise and  
sustainability thinking to business, design and engineering students  
of IDE at the RCA and Imperial College.

Piem Wirtz (NL) is hands-on project manager in art, design and  
technology. She holds a Msc in Industrial Design Engineering and is  
participating as a dancer in the contemporary dance group Dattah. At  
V2_lab, Piem is supervising interdisciplinary teams of artists and  
engineers, often becoming a personal coach for the artist. Besides  
managing the creative process from concept to working prototype, Piem  
assists hands-on in the production of artworks and organizes  
workshops, exhibitions and public events to present the resulting  
works. In 2011, she was project manager of Protei - an oil spill  
cleaning sailing drone.

All three, Petric, Brass and Wirtz will present their work in the  
light of the question whether there is a need for the diversification  
of knowledge production next to that of science. In other words what  
meaning and value are represented by creative and artistic research  
practices for a more sustainable society and changing ecology?

PhDO Pitch
The first two creative researchers that send an e-mail to  
phdo at waag.org will be granted a three minute timeslot at the end of  
PhDO #5 to present their proposed research.

PhDO is an initiative of Waag Society and Arne Hendriks. Founding  
partners are NWO and IIP Create.

I hope to see you Friday.


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