[Renewable] Reinvigorating NICE email list

andrew paterson agryfp at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 23:22:01 EET 2012

Dear renewable members

We reinvigorate the NICE mailing list! NICE is a list for communication 
and information exchange on (post-)media art, network culture and 
trans-discplinary research in Baltic-Nordic region. We encourage you to 
post your announcements on NICE list by sending an email message to: 
nice at 2012.x-i.net

Please feel free to forward this message to artists, cultural operators, 
academic researchers, and others who might be interested to join the 
list for contributing and/or receiving NICE postings.

More info: http://base.x-i.net/mailman/listinfo/nice

* About NICE

NICE stands for Network Interface for Cultural Exchange. It was founded 
in 1999, during TEMP event held in Kiasma organised by Geert Lovink, as 
a network and mailing list for fostering communication and information 
exchange about new media culture events, activities and projects taking 
place in the region of Baltic and Nordic countries.

In 2012 we reinvigorate NICE as an announcement list for (post-)media 
art, network culture and trans-disciplinary research in the 
Baltic-Nordic and North-East European region, including NW-Russia.

NICE mailing list is maintained by Riga based RIXC center. It runs on 
x-i.net server (administrated by Jaanis Garancs jg at 2012.x-i.net). The 
x-i.net server has now moved to Liepaja, where it will be hosted by Art 
Research Lab (MPLab.lv) / Liepaja University.

* Why mailing list?

An electronic mailing list is an e-mail based discussion group, which 
(unlike newsletters, which are one-directional distribution lists) 
allows its subscribers to freely post their messages (with 
announcements). Mailing lists have been important tools for maintaining 
collaborative networks and their communities since the early stage of 
new media culture in the 1990s. Regardless of the popularity of social 
networking sites, mailing lists are today still productive environments, 
due their simple and open way for exchanging information and arguments.

* How to use it?

You can subscribe to NICE by filling out the following form: 
By sending an email to: nice at 2012.x-i.net, you will post a message to 
all the list members.
To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the NICE 
Archives. (The current archive is only available to the list members.) 

* Contact:

For questions and/or more information please contact list moderators: 
Rasa Smite (rasa at rixc.lv), Andrew Paterson (agryfp at pixelache.ac), 
and/or Kristin Bergaust (kristin at anart.no). For technical questions 
(to subscribe/unsubscribe) you can contact list administrator Jaanis 
Garancs (jg at 2012.x-i.net).

andrew gryf paterson
mobile [FI]: +358 50402 3828
agryfp at gmail.com | skype: agryfp
locale: Helsinki, FI

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