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Special note: there is an application for the V4 Residency Program on September 10, 2015 (see below)
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KRA residency program 2016

KRA residency program is starting in 2016!


KRA stands for the future in ecology, art and media. To build this, KRA is inviting (not only) artists from various disciplines, working with various tools and media (low-power electronics, sound and music, performances, texts of all kinds presumably experimental, architecture, plants, images, mud grass and other objects, …) from micro to macro and beyond. We expect activities, which don’t (have to) lead to a finished installation, an exhibition, or any artwork, but that are related to a new kind of presence in the environment. Something avoiding intrusiveness but unseen before altogether…

KRA is located in the Vysočina region of the Czech Republic, a hilly area of Železné hory (Iron mountains), in a small village with about 50 inhabitants (can be 25 as well we don’t know). The residents can stay in the historical manor from the early 18th century or on the ecological vegetable farm in Zastráń, as they wish. Kravín, a vaulted cowshed, of an unknown date, has a small wood/metal workshop and is providing basic tools for media artists, gardeners, beekeepers, and writers. An ideal place for self-reliant artists and researchers looking for a quiet and inspiring place to develop their long-term projects.

KRA is working on a local network of countryside venues and alternative art spaces. While the residents are about we will look for special places where works can be exhibited, presentations be made, etc… Also, KRA is developing an international network of similar places that reinforce a new culture – despite current international cultural and social politics.


Currently we accept residency proposals in four different areas:

1. ZaKra!
The program situates itself at the intersection of art, ecology and agriculture, and is developed in cooperation with the nearby vegetable farm Zastráň <http://www.zastran.cz/>. Somehow it concerns the current methods and means we are using for feeding ourselves, and how we are cultivating our living conditions in the countryside. Most of the workshops are taking place in Zastráň <http://www.zastran.cz/>, and include: DIY water, air and soil pollution testing, critical building and irrigation systems, a historical reflection on the environment and landscape restoration issues, nevertheless adding fun with opening this year a path between Zastráň <http://www.zastran.cz/> and Hranice.

2. The sound of the village
How have villages changed over the last decades? So how do villages sound today? The program is looking into new ways of working with field recordings and compositions (from R. Murray Schafer and Luc Ferrari to Kravař and Zetor, or back again). Not only just for sound artists with the interest in rural sound environment. In cooperation with the Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava [OGV] <http://www.ogv.cz/> and its brand new IGLOO sound gallery (starting in June 2016).

3. Tube / Nádrž
At the moment we are creating an audiovisual new instrument out of a 1940 tank wagon, in collaboration with (n) and Dominique Leroy [fr]. It will function as a large resonator, and can be accessed online. Apart from that Dominique Leroy <http://wiki.dominiqueleroy.info/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=tube> is designing a living sculpture or workspace on the old tube, which will serve as an original residency location for sound artists. This outdoor studio/lab will be opened in July 2016, with a special festival called TubeFest. Electro-acoustic musicians and performers can come and work with, in and on the object.

4. The Unruly Disciplinarian Front
Any proposals are welcome, from artistic research (focus on culture) to anything else, as long as it is compatible with KRA, ecology driven and experimental… For singers, writers, dancers, gardeners, walkers, bikers, and talkers: the freewheelers among us, the wanderers and philosophers, the ones that don’t like a current over pragmatic culture establishment. Just say it?


There are no regular deadlines. The length of the residencies will be scheduled individually, based on the planned activities. We accept longer (up to 3 months) and shorter (from 1 week) residencies, also residencies consisting of multiple shorter visits. An informal visit preceding the residency application is strongly recommended.


Residencies by artists from V4 countries (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia) can be supported by grants from the International Visegrad Fund <http://visegradfund.org/residencies/visual-sound-arts/>, with the coming deadline September 10, 2015. We can provide assistance for completing the applications.


Applicants are encouraged to look for the financing resources themselves. The residency space is provided to a limited amount of applicants every year. Additional support depends on grants and subsidies we manage to receive.

Website: http://kra.land/?page_id=69 <http://kra.land/?page_id=69> +  contact hinterland at kra.land <mailto:hinterland at kra.land> for more information.

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